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  • Product Category:Ca/Zn stabilizer
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  • Product Name:Ca/Zn stabilizer CZ-A18 for transparent PVC products

Ca/Zn stabilizer CZ-A18


1.   Product type



Reference dosage

Ca/Zn stabilizer CZ-A18

Top grade Transparent PVC products


2.   Technical data:

Appearance: white or pale yellow powder

Drying loss (%): 2.0 max

Initial melting poin (): 75

Zinc distearate (cas No. 557-05-1) (%): 35.0

Magnesium aluminum hydroxide carbonate (cas No. 11097-59-9) (%) : 37.0%

Polyethylene (Cas No. 9002-88-4) (%) : 20.0

Other auxiliary (%): 8

3.   Characteristic of product:

●PVC products use CZ-A18 is up to ROHS standard, the transparency is the same to using organotin stabilizer.

●When CZ-18A be used in transparent PVC products, the dosage is 1.1-1.3 times of organotin stabilizer. If CZ-18A replace liquid Ca/Zn stabilizer, the dosage is 70-80% of original fomula.

4.   Package and storage: 25kgs paper bag with PE bag inner, store dry at room temperature.