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  • Product Category:Efficient PVC Modifier
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  • Product Name:pvc efficient modifier

PVC efficient modifier 

Product type    Application

WS-702E           U-PVC modified

WS-702E4            PVC drain-pipe, yingfawa, wire casing etc.

WS-702E5           PVC profile (off-standard)

WS-702E6            PVC water supply pipe, pipe fitting, corrugate pipe etc.

WS-702E7            PVC sleeves, wall plate etc.

WS-702E8            PVC profile


Technical data

Chemical ingredient:  PVC modified acrylic graft 

Appearance:      white or pale yellow crystal powder

Loss on drying:        1.2% max   

Apparent density:      1.17-1.39g/cm3

Heavy metals:         10ppm max


Product features

It has excellent modification effect with less dosage. It is up to the standard of EU ROHS. It is environmentally friendly and without secondary pollution. It has good compatibility and no precipitation. It is the preferred green efficient modified agent products in PVC industry.

The products have good modified effect and processability. It can substantial increase the appearance glossiness of end-products. It also enhance thermal stability, weatherability and thermotolerance of PVC end-products, make the end-products having antioxidant and light stabilizer function.  

These modifier are modified by acrylate which can deduct residual chlorine corroding screw rod.  


 Reference formula


Field of application

Recommended dosage (portion)

( refer to PVC 100 portion)


U-PVC modified

702E completely replace ACRdosage is 2-2.5 portion, CPE reduce by half


PVC drain-pipe, yingfawa and wire casing etc

Dosage of 702E4 is 3-4 portion, without  ACR and CPE


PVC profile (off-standard)

 Dosage of 702E5 is 3.2-3.8 portion, without  ACR and CPE


PVC water supply pipe, pipe fitting and corrugate pipe etc

Dosage of 702E6 for water supply pipe is 2-2.5 portion, for pipe fitting is 1.5-2 portion, for corrugate pipe is 2-3 portion, without ACR and CPE


PVC sleeves and wall plate etc

Dosage of 702E7 for sleeves is 3.8-4.2 portion, for wall plate is 2.5-3.5 portion, without  ACR and CPE


PVC profile

Dosage of 702E8 is 3.2-3.8 portion, without ACR and CPE


*        Key point suggestion in product use:

When manufacturers use WS-702E series, the formula remain unchanged except ACRMBS and CPE. For the original formula MBS, ACR, CPE, ACM and other technical requirements of the modified system and products, appropriate adjustments to achieve the best results.


For without CPE when using 702E series, the formula must reduce the amount of internal lubrication and external lubrication to achieve the best plasticizing effect.  


 Package and transport

The product should be stored in a ventilated, dry and cool place, pay attention to moisture.

The package is plastic woven bag with PE inner bag, net weight is 25kgs.